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 AP-109A Audio Panel
Product Description
The JEI Model AP-109A Audio Panel is a 9-input audio switching unit with outputs for stereo headphones and a mono speaker on the front panel. The front panel has the selector switches, level controls, and a built-in microphone. There is a serial port on the rear panel for computer controlled operation.
This unit is designed for military, intelligence, and communications audio monitoring applications.
1.Pushbutton selection for inputs and output and an RS-232 port for computer control.
2.Any number of channels may be selected simultaneously.
3.Each input may be selected to go to the left, right, or both sides of the headphone.
Inputs:Triax (BJ-75)
Outputs:1 BNC unbalanced
Controls:Push buttons for input and output select,
level controls for headphone output.
Stock - 115VAC is standard. 12 or 24VDC options available.
Custom - contact JEI for special requirements.
Spec Sheet
Operators Manual
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JEI Model AP-109A
GSA number
AP-109_t (8K)
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AP-109C_REAR_BJ76_t (13K)
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