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 AP-8X Audio Monitor
Product Description
The JEI Model AP-8X Audio Monitor is a 8 channel audio Monitoring unit. It has front panel outputs for stereo headphones and a mono speaker with level control.
This unit is designed for military, intelligence and communications audio monitoring applications.
1.Rotary switches select inputs 1 thru 8 or Off for the internal speaker, the left and right channels of the headphone outputs.
2.All channels are also amplified and available at the output terminals.
Inputs:8-position terminal strip, transformer balanced with grounding switch.
Outputs:8-position terminal strip, transformer balanced with grounding switch.
Controls:Rotary selector switches and level controls for headphones and speaker.
Stock - 12VDC or 24VDC power
Custom - contact JEI for special requirements.
Spec Sheet
Operators Manual
1x200 (1K)
Ordering Information
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JEI Model AP-8X
GSA number
AP-8X_t (5K)
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AP-8X_REAR_t (6K)
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