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 JEI Line Interfaces and Telephone Couplers

J.E.I. makes standard and custom audio line interfaces and Telephone Line Couplers for use with our analog and digital voice logging recorders.  Read about them here: Recorder Audio Connections.  If you don't find what you want here, check out our Custom Audio Equipment Worksheet. We can build what you want.

TC-1BSingle line Telephone coupler
TC-2/2CAMulti-line Telephone coupler
TC-3Handset Telephone coupler
RTC-100RRadio coupler with R/T mixer
RTC-100TSingle line Telephone coupler
RC-1 transformer and AC coupled audio line isolator
AD-1 Audio Discriminator VOX control
AM-800 4-wire audio mixer for radio
NF-100 Audio Notch Filter
Tone Decoder for fire department signalling

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