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Tue Sep 21, 2021
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 DVR-FT Digital Voice Logger
Product Description
DVR-FT series configurable in 2-72 channels
DVR-FT Series is a Tower Model. It requires a Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse to be fully functional. The DVR-FT is a multiple channel automatic audio recording platform designed for maximum performance and flexibility.
This unit is designed for military, intelligence and public service audio recording.
SATA Serial ATA ARCHIVAL hard Drive - hot swappable
33,000 minimum hours storage (active HD) and minimum of 33,000 hours storage on the archival SATA drive
Larger HD's available
JEI Pro search and playback software
MPEG compression- non proprietary
FIFO Software
Search by Date, Time, Notes, Channel
Local network access
1x200 (1K)
Ordering Information
Where to Buy
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